Trianis Marine Residential Water Filtration
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Residential Water Filtration
Making your Water The Way It Was Meant To Be...
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Water Softeners and Whole House Carbon Filtration
Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers
Under The Counter Water Filters
We have Residential Filtration Systems for all water filtration needs. From point of use under the counter reverse
osmosis filters
to whole house multi filtration systems. Our filtration systems are optimal to treat city water or well water.
Give your family the gift of pure healthy water.

Some of the systems we sale and install are:

  • Whole house water softeners
  • Whole house carbon filters
  • Under the counter reverse osmosis systems
  • Whole house reverse osmosis systems
  • Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection
  • Municipal water treatment systems
  • Well water treatment systems
  • Drinking and food preparation water systems
  • Fish tanks water filtration
  • Under the counter carbon filters
  • Desalination reverse osmosis systems
  • and more.....

We design custom systems to meet your requirements. Our marine units are also used for Island residences with access to salt or
brackish water. Please call us with any questions, we can take samples of your water and have it analysed to come up with the right
filtration system for you.

We offer monthly maintenance schedule, don't run out of salt for your softener system or miss the filter change date and risk having
your family drink water that hasn't been properly treated.
Residential Water Filtration Systems